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I've had a lot on my mind lately. Haven't we all? I'm nearly afraid to ask, "can it get any worse?" because it seems that each month this year has presented us with a new issue to face. From Covid-19 to vast unemployment, to the murder of individuals by police officers, to riots in the street. Life has just been hard for some of us lately.

I've gone before the throne of grace several times seeking understanding. But God began to speak to me first about confession. I have to admit that there are areas in my own heart that I have not nailed to the cross. So I began with repentance.

Shame soon tried to visit itself upon me. Why, at this age and stage of life and salvation, do I still deal with sin? Why have I not yet been able to become the woman of God I thought He called me to be so many years ago? 

As I turned to the Word in my quiet times, I began to notice some things about repentance, about forgiveness, and about the beautiful promises of faithfulness God left us. I hope these scriptures speak encouragement to you. We definitely need to feel comfortable bringing our hearts before God and ask Him to show us where we need to repent. Because it is only in repentance that things change. I believe you'll find that repentance is the only way to make things better. 

So here are my thoughts, but not my opinions. I don't think any of you can grow much at all if I merely give you my opinion. Here are my thoughts about what I believe is God's opinion as presented to us in His Word. I begin with a verse of Scripture, put it in context, and then get to the author's Primary Message before applying that Scripture to our lives. Because again...


We don't want

to bring our message to God's revelation; we want to bring the revelation of God

to our lives. 

I trust you will learn from this series on repentance and sanctification. But mostly I hope, through the exploration of God's Word, you learn more about our Father, learn to trust Him more, learn to lean on Him more. And begin to reflect His glory in greater measure.


I began in Psalm 51...

When David spoke these words, he was publicly denouncing his heart's depravity after being confronted with his sin against Bathsheba.

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